Video, part of NAMELESS
Das Video gehört zur 3 teilige Installation OHNE NAMEN (mixed media)
bestehend aus: Glasftafel, Sound Installation, Video "Pendel"

Video Pendel: All of the cameras look towards the stairwell, mounted in-line alongside and parallel with one another. All 25 cameras film simultaneously: TMW staff walk past the plaque. The result is 25 short films of the same length from different parallel camera positions along the 'plaque line'. The 25 individual films are edited into one sequence so that the final film for presentation is resolved spatially ("time is aportioned as space") and twenty-five times as long and required twenty-five cameras. The complete film shows the action in extreme slow motion and was made using programming developed by Oliver Stotz. What is to be seen is a film that is not organised chronologically but spatially. The view of Pendel, consisting of 25 camera positions, shows a scanner-like exploration of the surface of the image, from left to right and back from right to left etc., until all of the individual frames of the original 25 films have been rearranged, i.e. produced the final film for the presentation Pendel.