videoinstallation for 10 monitors
Künstlerhaus, Passagengalerie, Wien, 2006
Künstlerhaus, Passagengalerie, Wien, 2006
Videoinstallation for 10 monitors
10 videos in different length / Loop
colour // stereo sound

The videoinstallation [me and other shiners] relates to a sculptural experiment with the lighting possibilities for an exhibition space. It is an attempt to literally brighten the space using video: it shows 10 lamps and their transformation into a person. Each of the 10 monitors shows one lamp. Miriam Bajtala slips into the role of each lamp. The ntransformations of subject and object are visible.

lighting modells
nr. 1: Romantikhotel Blumenwiese
nr. 2: spooky Flora
nr. 3: rote Nacht
nr. 4: Matrosen Johny
nr. 5: Pavian rustikal
nr. 6: weißer Wind
nr. 7: Doppelte Britta
nr. 8: Kugel Mugl
nr. 9: schwarzer Hänger
nr. 10: feine Dame