performance / video documentation
2 monologues for a choir is the title of a performance held on Oliver Hangl's invitation at the k48 space. What was wanted was the creation of an artwork for a completely darkened space. For this project I invited the leader of a choir and a drama teacher, who pursue their professions as teachers in the completely darkened space, and each works out a performance. Both performances shared the idea of monologue and of speaking/singing in unison with visitors in the dark space. The appropriation of a shared task, the exercise of 'speaking/singing a monologue' together was the performance.
Both performances were recorded with an infra-red camera.
first monolog monologue for a choir: Choirmaster Annette Fischer / violincello: Eckhard Mützner
selection: song fragment „The Sun“ from Soap & Skin

second monologue for a choir: dramateacher: Alice Mortsch
Excerpt: a brief fragment of the screenplay to the film Wolfsmilch (Ironweed), a drama by Hector Babenco released in 1987: In the scene concerned Jack Nicholson, in the role of Francis Phelan, sees the ghosts of his past emerge before him in a group portrait and tries to drive them away.